Study from the Source

To learn more about the LDS Church and it’s doctrine, members shouldn’t go see the Book Of Mormon Musical. We must actually READ the Book Of Mormon.

My point being, we shouldn’t turn to outside sources to understand the Restored Gospel, or to “see” what others have to say about Mormons and our beliefs.  We should study the source of our religion and doctrine, The Book Of Mormon, for ourselves. This act of faith, reading, studying, pondering and praying, will bring further light and knowledge that can’t be gained reading other sources that are strictly intellectual.

The Restored Gospel can’t be studied like other subjects such as biology, chemistry or physics. Sure there is an intellectual side to studying the Restored Gospel, but that is only a part of the whole. We also must seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to teach and reveal to us the truths that can’t be taught in a classroom.


About Justin

I like to read, play basketball, and exercise. I am a big Star Wars fan and enjoy going to Star Wars Celebrations and Comic-Cons. I prefer DC over Marvel, but enjoy both.
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