Real Hope and Change

President Monson gave a great talk yesterday on the importance of serving others to make not only a change in our own life, but to change others’ lives as well. Here’s a quick quote from his talk:

“When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be changed,” he said, paraphrasing Ezra Taft Benson, the 13th president of the Church. “The world will shape human nature, but Christ can change human nature, and changed men and women can change the world.”

President Monson also talked about Brother Clayton M. Christensen and how he gained his testimony of the Book of Mormon while attending Oxford University. It was great to read about someone else’s experience in gaining a witness of the Book of Mormon. It was inspiring to read about how another individual can gain the same witness that I have received, even though it’s through a different method. It’s refreshing to hear that no matter how you approach it, we can all receive the same witness through the Holy Ghost.
If you have the chance to read about Bro. Christensen and his life experiences, take that opportunity as it is inspiring in more ways than one. You can start here with the Deseret News article that discusses this talk.

For a full report on Pres. Monson’s talk given at BYU on Nov. 1st 2011, check out this article.


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